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A Day in the Life of a Dialysis Treatment

Good afternoon, everyone!
I hope you all have had a great weekend. I had a decent weekend, too.

I know that I haven't been up to par on my blogging, but hey, I am only human. And today's entry is going to bring you into my lovely little world of a day at dialysis. This will also include something that came to me yesterday.

They called me on Friday afternoon asking me if I would like to come in early on Saturday morning for dialysis, Naturally, I said yes. For me, an ideal day of dialysis means that I get to go in early and still be able to do things with my kids in the afternoon.This meant that I got to go in at 6:30 am Saturday morning. And when I get there and they are ready for me, I head in to get weighed and my temperature's taken. They don't measure the patients in pounds, though. We get measured in kilograms.

Once the weighing and the temperature taking is done, they let me know which chair I am in  for the day. I head that way to put my stuff down and get the i…