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Have you ever wondered about the questions that run through your mind?

The other night, I woke up around 2 am and just started writing for the first time in forever. It felt good, but in the long run, it was a short night's sleep. I was able to write a good bit, but then I turned and watched my husband sleep. I watched his breathing from a side view, and that is when the questions came into focus...
How will I deal with the passing of a loved one? How will I handle it and cope? How long does death take to get through? Does the hurt ever go away?  What about the girls?  How will they heal?  When? How?
Will my girls ever find the love like we used to have?  We have had good times and bad times. Doesn't everyone?
What questions do you have that you would like to share?
I Love you, guys.
Ciao for now.


Good evening, everyone. It has been a long time since I have blogged. I am sorry about that. A lot has been going in my life, though.  First off, I was able to get a new vehicle in July. 
And second, we were able to go on a weekend vacation in September for the first time ever (just us and the kids). 
I have still been doing my job, going to dialysis three times a week, taking care of the house when possible, and still doing a lot of running around. It keeps me busy and tired. So please keep ALL dialysis patients in your prayers. I do. You don't realize that the patients have so much that they have to do, so many medicines that they take, and then so many doctor visits that it is crazy. 
Along with my health, I have to deal with the health of my husband, Richard. He has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease for about 2 1/2 years now. He has been out of work since December 6, 2016. So, this means that he is home all day, sleeps or watches television, and then repeats this da…