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The Best News Ever

Good evening, everyone.
I hope that you have had a great week.
My week has been dependent on something that happened last Friday.

Some of you may already know, but that is okay. Last Friday, my daughter called me to remind me that I had left my phone at home. There had also been a message left for me to call my transplant coordinater and that it was important for me to call her.

So, when I got the number from Ashleigh, I immediately called mt coordinator back. They had a kidney for me. There was a catch, though. This kidney was a high risk due to the fact that the person had done drugs.  This was not a good thing. I had the option to get the kidney or to turn it down.

I turned it down.

My courageous fellow followers, please take this to heart. Anytime you do drugs, you do not only hurt yourself, but you hurt others, too. If you know someone who does drugs, please help them by getting them help.

I watched a show the other night, and it dealt with this same subject. It really drives hom…