My Team of Nurses

Is everyone having a good day? I really hope so.

Well, today is another one of those days, my friend. I do not have any specific thing on my mind as of right now. But once I get started good, I will have a feel of what is in my thoughts.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I go for a dialysis treatment around 11:45 am unless they call me in earlier than usual. I really do like going in earlier on Saturdays. This way, I can get out earlier in the day and still be able to do something with my daughter, Ashleigh. But, unlike some of the characters in my schedule, I do enjoy being there the three days during the week. These nurses are the kindest, nicest, and most lovable people that I have ever dealt with. I have never went into the center and felt bad. It makes me feel so much better just being around these beautiful people.

Can any of you say something like this about a doctor or a nurse that you have had to see on a regular basis? I can say for certain that I am very happy to have this team of nurses on my side and helping me to be a healthier person. I love all of you at Fresenius Treatment Center in Gastonia, N.C. on Burtonwood Avenue.

Ciao for now.

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