Good afternoon, everyone. Hope you are doing well these days. And yes, I know that it has been over a month since I last blogged. I am sorry for the long length of time of being away from my computer. I have had a couple of tough weeks at dialysis and haven't been up to my normal energized self.

The reason that I have had it rough is that I have been cramping up the last 4 or 5 times while being at dialysis. When I get my cramps, they start in my toes. My toes start going every which way and then the cramp goes into the bottoms of my feet. After that, it starts heading up towards my lower leg. And when I get these cramps, it is way worse than when you get a charley horse. And I am sure that most of  you know how bad those can hurt.

On the days of these cramps, I am totally worn out when I get home. Therefore, I do not feel up to doing anything else. So please forgive me for not being able to blog as much. I will try to do better.

Other than the cramping, I would say that I am doing okay. I am still toothless and hope to talk to the doctors and see what they say about teeth soon. I haven't lost any more weight, so I do know that when I go see the nutritionist, she will not be happy. On the other hand, I haven't gained but a couple pounds at the most. Hopefully, I will be able to lose some weight here and there. It is so hard, though.

My weight as of right now is 196 lbs.

Well, let me get out of here for now. Ciao for now.

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