A Good Day of Treatment

Good evening, everyone.
I hope you all are doing well this evening. Of course, it is nearly 11:00 pm. So this may be just a short entry. It depends on how much I talk or babble to you all.

I had one of my dialysis treatments today. As I told you all before, I have been cramping for the last several treatments. Today, I didn't cramp, which is a good thing. It made me feel good. I made sure to take me something to drink (a Sobe drink), a pack of peanut butter crackers, some canned fruit, and some apple sauce. I should be able to remember that this is what I had to do when I first started doing the treatments.

All in all, I was also able to pen a poem about my treatments:

No one ever waned to be here
But unlike others, I enjoy my time
The workers here have become so very dear
So dear that I wanted a poem that rhymes.

I have become accustomed to this crazy world
As one will when they have a kidney disease
We get hooked to machines without a quarrel.
Instead, with all that is going on, my life has a new lease.

To this day, I know more than I ever did
About these machines and people that give such care
They are special to each and every one of us kids.
As we sit and stay in our chairs. 

Hope everyone likes this. Love to all of our caregivers and nurses.

Ciao for now.

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