The Desire

Good morning, everyone. Hope you all are doing well today.

Here in Lowell, it has been a rainy week. All is well, though, as of right now. I have been doing well in dialysis, so this is why I am saying that. Lately, though, I have been tired more so and not feeling the desire to do much.

With this in mind, my darling daughters have been helping me out some. But to come home and not feel the desire to wash my dishes, clean up, and anything else necessary, it really irks my chain. I want to do the things that I say, but it is just so hard to do them when I feel worn out from dialysis or work. Yes, I get that way a lot.

So, for those of you who have a kidney disease, try to find someway to get up and move around at least. I, for one, know that moving is the best medicine, but when I have days like this, I need help. Find someone to go walking with, someone to talk to, or just someone to have a shoulder to lean on.

Ciao for now.

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