Therapy, You Say?

Good evening, everyone. Hope you are doing well today.

I am trying to get back into making sure that I keep blogging on a regular basis. Today, I had to go see my therapist. Yes, I have to see him about every three to four weeks on a regular basis to keep me on the kidney transplant list. So far, he tells me that I am doing great in having a positive outlook on everything with all the crap that I have to deal with.

All in all, I am still doing my dialysis treatments on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I work five days a week. I try to go to church weekly, give or take a week off here and there due to how I am feeling that morning. But, the one thing that gets me is that I am having a harder time right now doing outgoing things. I really have to get back into walking on a regular basis. We got out of it (Ashleigh and I) about a month ago and haven't been back since.

All I can say is to help a friend out by being their buddy in exercising. Everyone needs a buddy.

Ciao for now.

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