The Ugly Truth

Good evening, everyone. Hope you are doing well tonight.

I am doing okay considering that I have been on the road most of the day. My daughter and I went to pick up my other daughter at college and didn't get back until 5:30 pm.  It was a decent day. Usually when we go, my mother likes to go with us. She wasn't able to make it, so we went alone for our very first road trip. As I said, it was a good trip.

The main reason for why I wanted to blog tnight was due to thi s last week. This last week has been really rough week. "Why?" you ask. Okay, I will tell you. The ugly truth is that I have been down. I say down because I don't like to use the word "depression". At least that is one way to look at it. I have to give credit to a smart person, though, for talking to me and making me feel a little better.

Other than that, we should sleep well tonight. My point to ponder is this. Be there for others and talk with them and help them out.

Ciao for now.


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