What goes on during a dialysis treatment? I am sure many of you don't realize what the process is for a dialysis treatment is. Well, I am going to give you a first-hand look at what I go through three (3) days a week.

I go to dialysis on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. And this is what goes on. Well, I go in and get weighed, wash my hands, and head to the seat that they have arranged for me. Once I have a seat, I get my arm hooked up to the blood pressure cuff. There is tape on one side ready to be put onto my blood lines to stay in place. They clean my arm with alcohol swabs and get all the lines hooked up to the machine. They prick me with the first huge needle and then make sure that the blood will go through the needle. (By this, I mean that they check to see if the blood gives a little and will run right through this to the line.) After this process, they find a good spot for the second needle to go in at and proceed the same as the first one. Once this is accomplished, they have to make sure everything goes through a check on the machine itself before they can hook me up to it. After everything is ok with the machine, they hook me up to both of the lines for the blood to run through. I finally get to lay back and hook my headphones into the tv set they have for each of us. This is what I end up doing for the next four hours. After the four hours are up, they unhook me from the machine. After the needles come out, they put gauze and bandage tape on me. I have to sit there with pressure on these two places to make sure the blood doesn't spray out. (Yes, this has happened before, they tell me.) Before I can leave, though, they check my blood pressure. If the blood pressure is to low, they will make me sit there until it gets higher. Sometimes, I will have to eat crackers to make my pressure go up some. Yesterday, I had to sit there for about 45 minutes because of this.

Now that you know how my dialysis treatments go on a daily basis, I hope you realize that this is not a simple process and that you need to SAVE YOUR KIDNEYS. There are so many people that may need your help one day. Hope everyone has a great day.
Ciao for now.

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