What Boggles My Mind

Good morning. I know that I have posted once today already. But, I felt the need to let you in on a little secret. Unlike most people, I enjoy typing and letting people in on what boggles my mind.

I have recently started my dialysis for my chronic kidney disease (four to five weeks ago), and it has drastically changed my life. Take for instance, my family likes to have get-togethers for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. With this concept, my daughter came home from college this past weekend. And I really enjoyed having her home with me for the weekend, too. With my family, they knew she was coming home and decided to get together. We all enjoyed it and had a great time. Another way that my dialysis has changed my life is when we have these gatherings. When we have them, I will have to make plans to go earlier or just be late for the shingdig. And anyone who knows me knows that I do not like to be late for anything. Along with this, dialysis is a fixture in my life now. Anyone who has dialysis knows that you don't just put it off. This is how we have to live.

What boggles my mind, though, is wondering how many families actually enjoy their time together. I have to admit that I enjoy being around my family a lot (most of the time anyway). I love the fact that we can just carry on conversations without yelling at each other. But, I can say that some family members can get loud. When this happens, I do not like to be around them. I know everyone can probably relate to this, though. I don't see how yelling makes someone feel good. It would make me feel like leaving.

However, I want to say that anyone who doesn't like spending time with their loved ones needs to learn to make family time a must. It helps the heart to grow fonder, as they say.

Ciao for now.  

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