What Time Is It?

Time is something that everyone has.
Whether it is time for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or a favorite show, we all have time for that. But time is a factor in so much of our lives.

Why am I talking about time this time, you ask. Okay, I will give it to you straight. When I started this blog, I knew that I would at least be able to keep this blog current due to my involvement in dealing with my chronic kidney disease on a daily basis. Boy, was I wrong. I got on this morning and DID NOT realize that it had been two (2) whole weeks since I last blogged. That is way too long to be off of my blogging mind. Yep, I said it. I have a blogged mind at times.

But the fact is that time is very precious to us all. The time I have left with my parents are not as if they were still the age that they were when I was 16. Nope. When I spend time with my parents, I want to cherish that time like it is golden. And I hope that my daughters will see that time is golden with me and their dad. No matter what, time can fly by and you will forget to do things that you should have done before. With the time that I have, I am hoping to spend it with my parents, my daughters, and the people who I truly want to make a difference with in life.

Go spread your wings and give other people your time.
Ciao for now.

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