My Mother's A Blessing

The time we have with our loved ones are so precious and dear to us. And I know that this entry is not going to be so much about myself this time. Today, I can truly say that my mom has been so much of a blessing to me these past few years. I am truly thankful that my mother did not give up on me when I was a teenager. We were never that close back then; I clearly can say that we are so much closer than I ever thought we would ever be, though. Moms carry a heavy burden for their children and give so much, and yet what do we give them? 

Two days ago, I received news about having to have dialysis for my chronic kidney disease. I haven't mentioned this but my disease is Iga Nephropothy. (Well, this is one of so many different kinds of chronic kidney diseases. Right now, I am not going to get into what all this entails.) One of the hardest things that I have ever had to do is come to terms with my illnesses. And before I can talk to anyone, I have to work it out in my head to make me keep from talking and crying at the same time. I, for one, always get so emotionally upset a lot of times and can't function sanely. So I finally made the call to my mother yesterday while waiting on the oil to be changed in my van. Yep, can you believe it? Having a conversation like this in a very public place like "Tire Kingdom"? Luckily, there were not but a few people in there while this conversation was going on.  

But, all in all, my mother was on the phone with me and helping me come to terms with having to get dialysis. Now if only everyone else could just be as precious as my mom, Evelyn, could be. She is someone who always helps others. I just want everyone who reads this to think of my mother today and pray for her precious helping hands towards others. I love my mother and I am very proud of her and what she does for others. God bless you, mom! 


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