Here's To a Happy New Year -- 2014

'Here's to a Rockin' New Year's Eve, everyone. Hope you are ready for a new year and a new beginning. 'Cause I am, and I am going to make this year about giving and loving and being exactly who I am. So, I expect my readers to be who they are and not worry about what others think of you either.

You know, I knew that I wanted to wish you all a happy new year. I also want everyone to be safe while bringing in the new year of 2014. Please get a designated driver if you think that you must have alcohol. And also, stay away from difficult situations.

The main thing that I really wanted to talk about is about how to bring in your new year with a great vibe. The past several years, I have brought in the new years with my children and my husband. And each year, they would get mad because I had a ritual of having a glass of non-alcoholic juice and watching the ball fall in New York on television on ABC with my family.

I have always heard that what you are doing when bringing in the new year will be what you'll be doing most of the year. For instance, if I spend that time with my kids, I hope to have an interesting year with them (since we bonded on New Year's Eve). The last several years, I have spent these years at home. And guess what, it will be that way this year, too. But, I am changing things up a bit, though.

I am blogging tonight in the hopes of being able to help others this year. You would be surprised at just how much a smile, a "hi",  or even an "how are you?" makes someone feel.. So please make a pledge or a resolution to helping others in any way possible. Or just promise to make someone feel better. A smile will do it!

Good luck on your pledges or New Year's Resolutions!

Ciao for now.

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