Bonding Time

Good evening, everyone.
I hope everyone is doing well tonight. As usual, I am doing well, also.

Today, my youngest daughter, Jessica, called me from college (NC STATE). She told me that she got a part-time job and will be starting on Sunday. I am so glad that she went out on her own in an area that she didn't know very well and applied for a job. She will be working at Jason's Deli. With the miles between us, I can say that we have bonded more so than I thought. She always calls me on the days that I have dialysis to make sure that I am okay.

Today, my oldest daughter, Ashleigh, and I had a day out since it was such a gorgeous day. We just went out for dinner and then window shopping to walk off some of what we ate. We actually bond better doing this. We talk more now. We laugh more, and we just enjoy our time together more.

With this in mind, do you do this with your kids or family? In the last two years, I have learned to listen to my daughters more and pay attention to everything. In other words, I take time to smell the roses. Are you going to take the time to smell the roses? I hope so.

Ciao for now.

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