My Saturday Morning

Good morning, everyone. Hope things are going well for you. As for me, I am doing okay.

I am at dialysis right now. They called me yesterday and asked if I would like to come in early today. I always tell them yes so that I can get out earlier than usual. So, it is not unusual for me to have half the day free.

Today, though, my youngest daughter will be getting ready to go back to college tomorrow. I have to take her to get some snacks later and more than likely will go to my mother-in-law's house, too. So, my easy day ends up being a busy day. Sometimes, though, I will try to get in a quick trip to the grocery store, if possible. This way, I just might have tomorrow as my free day. I do try to make my way to my parents' house. This is a definite trip, except for last week.

My parents are important to me. They have been there for me, so I am trying to be there for them.

Along with me blogging, I am also watching my usual programs for a Saturday morning, the cooking network. I have been checking the recipe s out and attempting to make the recipes kidney-friendly. So far, I am staying more interested in this and reading way less than I have in a very long time. Let's hope one of my attempts will be a great dish.

Who knows? Ma I will be the next great chef.

Ciao for now.


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