On a Slow Train to Nowhere

Good afternoon, everyone. I hope everyone is really enjoying this beautiful weather that we are having here in Gastonia, NC.

Not too much has been going on lately. Yesterday, I had my usual therapy session. My life has been on a slow train to nowhere lately, though.

Why? You ask. Ok, I will tell you. Lately, I have felt like a chicken with its head cut off and haven't felt like doing squat or anything. I haven't felt like going anywhere. I haven't felt lik seeing anyone. And I guess that I just haven't cared if anyone came to see me either. Until yesterday.

Here is the part that I can't understand, though. I had my 50-minute session with my therapist, and came out feeling so much better than when I went in. And I guess I had a lot of frustrations to get a handle on since I kept going over in my mind what to talk about before my session.

All in all, I guess I really needed that session. Usually, I never know what I will say to my doctor, but this time was different. I knew a few of my vices that I needed to discuss so that I wouldn't go totally crazy.

Well, to tell you all the truth, most of the time, I don't know what to talk about. I do know that we all need someone as a sounding board or just a shoulder to lean on.

What about you? Are you someone's sounding board or that shoulder for someone to lean on? Put it this way... it can make a world of difference in someone's life. Give your shoulder to someone who could use it.

Ciao for now.


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