I Saw God Today

Good evening, everyone. I hope that your week has started out decent so far. My week has started out great.

With this being the beginning of a new work week, I hope that you can look around and see God everywhere. I see God when I notice the birds singing; hear the crickets chirping; see the grass, trees, and the flowers; and when I hear nature all around us. That is why I can truly say that I see God everywhere every day. Take the time between your day to day schedule and smell the roses. If you don't take the time to smell them, you probably won't even see them.

Just remember that we may not see God in the form of man, but we see all the things that God has created all around us. Just don't let your daily life get in the way of seeing things for what they truly represent.

I also want to say happy birthday to all of my family and friends who are having birthdays this month. May God be with you all and I hope you have many more birthdays to come.

Ciao for now.


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