Energized and Yet Tired?!

Good afternoon. I hope everyone is doing well today. I am actually feeling well, also.

I had one of my dialysis treatments yesterday, and I ended up lying on the couch most of the evening. I get so aggravated with myself when I come in from dialysis and lay down most of the day because I am tired. You are probably asking what I am tired from. Well, the nurses say that since the blood is outside of your body, you will have a tendency to be tired once the process is done. So, therefore, the three days that I have dialysis, I am tired.

I do feel better than what I used to, but, the kicker is that I still feel tired and don't want to do much. I am getting out a little more than I used to but I still will stay home, too. The worse thing is that in order for my house to be straightened up, I have to have this energy and movement going forward. Since I don't have all of this, my house doesn't get cleaned up as much. I have a daughter that does her thing and a "husband" that doesn't do anything. Boy, I am at my wit's end.

Ciao for now.

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