A Day Out Of Work

Good morning, everyone!
Hope you are doing well today.

Well, I am doing as well as can be expected due to all of the snow that we received yesterday. I don't know right off how much we got, but it was enough to keep me home from work. And as usual, I do not have a definite subject that I want to talk about today. I do want to say that I have about two weeks before my first trip to the Women's Hospital in Durham to get some dental work done. And I am getting a little nervous about these trips.

Even though I kind of knew that I wouldn't be going in to work this morning, I still woke up to my alarm. I did about 20 minutes of my stretching exercises, and then got up out of bed. It was after this that I got on a kick and moved a few things around in my daughter's room (Jessica is away at NC State) to make it a bedroom/computer room. I just need to go through a lot of paperwork now. I do not look forward to this! I guess I will be putting most of my writing stuff in there, too.

Who knows that I am an aspiring writer? Not too many people. I am also an avid reader. Only my family and my closest friends know these two things about me. That brings up something that I have decided to do this year. I am in the middle of reading a really great book, "Twenty Wishes," by Debbie Macomber. This has gotten me to thinking about what twenty wishes I would like to do, too.

A few of the wishes that I would like to do would have to consist of learning to ride a horse, taking a trip to Tennessee, and going on a cruise. What are a few of the wishes that you would make for yourself? Please let me know. Who knows? Maybe you will have a group that will make their own lists and will be willing to share them with each other.

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