Happy New Year and Get Involved!

Good afternoon, everyone!
Hope you are having a great New Year's Day so far. I know that I am.
I have already spent some quality time with my oldest daughter. We played a few rounds of a card game as I was cooking for our lunch this afternoon.

Who knows what the food in the southern meal for New Year's Day stands for?
I know what the greens and the black eyed peas stand for. But I can't remember the others: hog jawls, cornbread, etc.. The greens stand for the dollars that you will have throughout the year, and the black-eyed peas account for the change that you will keep throughout the year.

But all in all, don't be afraid to get involved in something outside of your comfort zone. I am going to get more involved with missions around my church and I hope to get even closer to God this year.

Ciao for now.

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