Cherish Time and Love Unconditionally

January 8, 1935 - Do you even know what is so significant about this date?

Well, I do and I am sure a lot of my older readers more than likely know what it signifies. Okay, I will just go ahead and tell you. On this date seventy-nine years ago, the one and only King of Rock-n-Roll, Elvis Presley, was born. Elvis Presley was one of a kind, people. He was a great actor, a great singer, and just a great person all the way around.

I was at the beach with my family when we heard that he had died in August of 1977. Can you remember where you were?

The point that I am getting to here is that every day has a significance to someone around you. But, with days going by so quickly, we have a tendency to forget about others in the long run. Since we don't know when we are going to die, the emphasis is on knowing how to bide your time with the people you love.

I had an uncle to die this last November close to Thanksgiving. I had not seen him since the year before at our yearly family reunion. With this in mind, I hate not being able to see him before his death. I am sure that a lot of you have been in these same situations. Please think of your loved ones this new year and try to spend more time with them. They will not always be there. Cherish what time you have with them and love them unconditionally.

As always, I hope everyone has a great day.

Ciao for now.

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