One Of My "Down" Days

Good evening, everyone!
Hope you all are doing okay this evening.

I am feeling okay as of right now. However, I woke up this morning with one of my knees giving me a problem. So I did the next best thing that I knew would help at least a little bit. At 5:45 am this morning, I fixed me a bath as hot as I could stand it. As usual, it helped a little bit. But as the day went by, it began hurting once again.

This brings up an issue that I have. I was hoping to not have to start taking one of my medicines again, but with the knee flare up, I am going to have to go back on my tramadol. I was hoping to at least stay off of this medicine for awhile, but with the stretching that I have been doing in the mornings, I guess that will change. For awhile, I have been down to 9 medicines. This will make it 10 medicines once again, though. I just hope that this will do the trick for awhile.

Oh well, on to the main point that I had in mind for this entry. I hope you all are trying to make time for yourself these days. I have chosen to take time for myself in the mornings lately. How you may ask? I will tell you. I get up a little earlier than usual now (about 30 minutes earlier - 5:30 am), and I stay in the bed and ...exercise! I stretch most mornings before I completely get out of  my bed.

Have you tried this? You ought to. It actually makes me feel better for the day. I didn't do the stretching today due to my knee hurting this morning. So, I will make sure that I get it done in the morning.

So, all in all, start making time for yourself and hopefully, you will feel better for the rest of the day.  Good luck and let me know how things go.

Ciao for now.

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