A Special Talent

Good evening, everyone.
Hope you are doing well tonight. I have been doing well myself.

As usual, I never know where this blogging entry will lead me. Sometimes, what goes on during my day has an affect on what I blog about. And sometimes, there are those moments where something will spark my interest to talk about.

The main focal of my entry today is still not clear, but I do know that we all have a special purpose here on earth. There are some of us who have a clear talent. There are some who have a special talent in singing, preaching, teaching, arts/crafts, carpentry, etc.

I guess that I could say that one of my special talents would have to be feeling the music that I sing and doing paper work. But some wouldn't call either one of these a talent, though. Would you?

...Whether we have a special talent or not, we all have a passion in life. I would have to say that my passion in life is in the wonderful world of books. I love books and I have a large collection of books on hand. And this is not counting the books that I have read in the last 14 years that I have given away. I have had in my possession at one time or another probably around two thousand books.What can you say about your life's passion? What is your passion? Are you doing anything with your passion? If not, why not?

Come on, people. You need to open up with me. What's wrong with opening up with your family and friends? Not a thing. And if you are embarrassed to talk about it, guess what? You shouldn't be!

Ciao for now.

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