Give a Smile

Good evening, everyone.

Hope you all are doing well this evening. Everything is going well with me as of right now. And as usual, I do not have an inkling of an idea of what my subject matter will be tonight.

I did just get through talking to my youngest daughter. She is away at college and I hadn't talked to her in almost two weeks. But, hey, I have Ashleigh here with me and she has been a very remarkable young lady since Jessica's been away at NC State. She helps me out around the house. She also goes with me to the grocery store. But what I can say most about Ashleigh is that she shows her heart to me more now.

How do you show your heart to others? People who show their hearts on their sleeves usually like to smile. I tell everyone that if I could see them smile, then I am good to go. A smile can go a long ways for people.

Just today at dialysis, I got so many of the nurses to smile. It warms my heart to see smiles everywhere. So no matter what, give a smile and make someone's day.

Ciao for now.

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